Merging with Crystals

Want a better connection with your crystals?
Merge with them!
By allowing your consciousness to merge with that of your crystals, you enable yourself to embody their particular energetic vibration in a much more powerful way than just wearing the stone.
When you wear a crystal, keep it in your pocket, and especially if you hold them during meditation, you will notice an increase in synchronicities relating to the characteristics of that particular stone.
To take this to a much deeper level, there is actually a way to merge the consciousness of a crystal with your own consciousness. Doing this makes it so that instead of just “channeling” messages from the stone, or using it as a “tool” to receive more spiritual insights, YOU yourself become the manifester of these things because you have actually BECOME the energy that the stone carries.
It’s like the difference between carrying a GPS device in your pocket, and allowing your mind to BECOME GPS capable, within itself.
The way that you do this, is first you must astral travel.
While holding your crystal, meditate until you are in a relaxed state, and then use your mind to detach yourself from your physical body.
Once you are out of body, go to any safe space you’d like.
When I first started doing this, I would always go to the Pleiades, but you can go where ever you want, or even create your own safe space.
Once there, take a moment to settle into the environment, relaxing your mind and just observing everything around you.
When you are ready, ask the consciousness of the crystal you are holding to come forward.
Here you will meet the persona of your particular crystal face to face, and you’ll get a sense of what type of energy they carry.
Ask them whatever questions you’d like, and allow them to teach you, just like speaking to a living text-book.
When you are ready to merge with their consciousness, ask them to come into you and merge themselves with your consciousness.
I usually visualize this like they are “melting” into me, and we become one being.
After the merger, you may continue to ask questions and learn from your crystal, but it may now begin to feel like your own inner voice is answering the questions, instead of a voice external to you, like a spirit guide.
What’s even more great about this process, is that after you embody the consciousness of your crystals, it’s like you ARE that energy all the time. Instead of having to “receive” a message from the crystal, you may notice that you’ll now begin to manifest real-world scenarios where your experience itself IS the lesson you learn, rather than your insights coming from channeled messages or “thoughts” which you have to interpret.
This really is the next level when it comes to using crystals and gemstones, because merging with the crystal itself rather than just wearing it, is like comparing reading a textbook to actually having the type of first hand experience that allows YOU to write your own textbook instead of having to read one already written.
Try it for yourself and see how your experience goes.
I learned this from a Lemurian Seed Crystal, but after utilizing this technique I learned that you can use it with any crystal or gemstone.

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