Emotional Processing

Every morning I start the day with a moment of Emotional Processing. (This is also called shadow work, or inner child work)
I start by acknowledging something that I’m thankful for.
I then ask myself, “How does this feel, emotionally?”
I then take a moment to sit in the emotion, and fully allow myself to FEEL it.
Next, I ask myself, “How does this emotion feel, as a physical sensation in my body?” For example, “joy” may feel like an expansive “full” feeling around my solar plexus, or “peace” may feel like settling in, or release of tension in my eye sockets. Pay attention to how your body physically interprets the emotion you’re feeling
I spend a few moments here allowing myself to fully embrace how I feel.
Next, I ask myself, “When was the first time I felt this way?”
In my mind, my intuition will show me a memory from my childhood, which corresponds to the exact same feeling signature that I’m experiencing right now.
I take a moment to embrace the feeling, and thank my child-self for showing me this.
Next, I basically go through this entire process again, but this time I start by focusing on something that I dislike.
This time though, when I get to the part where I trace the emotional feeling back to my childhood, I take it even further by asking myself, “How is this benefiting me?”
Learning to release resistance and find the positive meaning behind our negative emotion is a vital part of becoming “conscious”.
After going through this process, I then tell myself, “Despite the positive [breathe in the emotion], and despite the negative [breathe in the emotion], I am Divinity right here, right now. Everything is in perfect Divine order, and I am exactly where I need to be. Thank you.”
Doing this every morning REALLY starts my day off on the right foot.

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