Astral adventure to the star Vega.
I was just thinking about Vega, which is a star in the Lyran and since I’ve never been there in my adventures I decided to go there today via astral travel.
I started by just spending a moment in meditation, focusing on my breathing. When I was ready, I simply used my imagination to view my spirit floating out of my body.
I flew into the atmosphere, all the way off the planet, and into outer space.
I took a moment to get my bearings straight, so I just sort of lingered for a moment, looking at the Earth, Sun and Moon, and other nearby objects.
I wasn’t sure exactly where the Lyran system is, so I just sort of floated my way out to view the entire Galaxy, and let my intuition point me in the right direction.
At first I started looking toward the Pleiades as a reference point in relation to the Earth, because I was thinking of our Galaxy as a flat disk, where I can map out the road to different star systems.
In reality though, the stars in our Galaxy are in more of a donut shape. There may be a collection of stars and planets forming a disk-like shape due to gravity, but there is still a large number of objects outside of this disk, and to my surprise the Lyran system is actually “above” the Earth solar system, and not just a two dimensional spot on the “disk” of our Galaxy.
I made my way toward Lyra, and as I approached the system I felt my intuition say there are 12 stars. Vega is the “main” one, and the others are in gravitational lock with it.
As I stopped for a moment and just watched the stars here, I saw that they’re all in a gravitation “dance” with the main one. Vega actually draws in the other stars with its gravity, and after they orbit for a bit, they get flung off and orbit more slowly from a distance away. Each star is continually drawn in, spun around in orbit with Vega, and then flung out like a gravitational dance.
I actually felt like it was similar to a Daddy-daughter dance, where the father is dancing with each of his daughters one at a time, until they are flung out in orbit and the next one is drawn in.
As I flew closer and closer, I was also drawn in by the stars gravity, and I even found myself dancing with Vega.
I was drawn in, in a spiraling vortex-like motion, and then flung out after orbiting for a bit, which caused me to twirl around like a ballerina.
Vega continued doing this with each star, as the gravity continually drew us in for another dance, and then flung us out in a ballerina-like twirling motion.
Eventually, I decided to fly directly INTO the star, letting myself fully embrace its energy.
When I did this, I felt like Vega was doing energy work on me. I could feel it balancing certain aspects of my psyche.
I saw it like a stream of electricity flowing through different parts of my body, which brought me into a more cohesive, in-alignment state of being.
I literally saw it like it was bringing order and organization to different aspects of my life.
When the process was over, I went back to my body on Earth and took a moment to integrate what just happened. It was actually so powerful I feel like there are certain parts of this process that I can’t even remember right now, but overall I feel like I got exactly what I needed, and the star Vega has a very powerful energy of coherence and organization.

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