If you use crystals or gemstones in your spiritual practice, it’s important to switch them out regularly so you are able to bring in new energy.
Using the same crystals repeatedly, is like eating the same food over and over without trying anything new. We were made to have VARIETY in our diets, so we have the opportunity to take in a wide range of nutrients.
Likewise, as your energetic body evolves and progresses in spiritual growth, it also needs variety and NEW energy in order to continue in your expansion.
This is why when you first receive a crystal that is new to you, it may seem like it has a greater effect on your energy, and you are able to experience new insights during meditation.
After having the same crystal for a few months though, the “new toy jitters” seem to wear off, and the crystal that you used to be super excited about and couldn’t wait to try, now seems to be sitting in your pocket, or left in your bedroom, because it doesn’t seem as exciting as when you first received it.
This happens because after you’ve used the crystal for long enough, your energetic vibration has entrained closely enough with that of the crystal, so now there isn’t as much of a need to use it, because you’ve already gained what you needed from it. It’s just like craving a food because your body is in need of the nutrients it carries, and after you’ve had your fill you don’t crave it anymore.
Once you’ve learned what you need to learn, or gained the experience you wanted in your spiritual progression, try bringing in new crystals, and share your old ones with your friends.
Release what no longer serves you, and invite a fresh new perspective into your life. This is how you continue to grow and learn. Bring in new energy, and try new things that you’ve never experienced before.

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