You are the “highest level” of Source, right here, right now.
Usually when I meditate I like to go “up” to the higher levels. I “zoom out” and focus on my soul stream. I “zoom out” even more and focus on this universe, as well as other universes.
I “zoom out” as far as I can go, until I’m at what I perceive as the highest level, which some call the zero point field.
Recently though, my guides have led me to keep going even further. There is no actual “highest” or “lowest” dimension, because the dimensions actually loop back in on themselves. The macrocosm in INSIDE the microcosm. The “highest level” of Source, is simultaneously the lowest level. Contradictory compliments.
So as I’m going through this meditation, instead of just going to the “top” like I usually do, I now loop back into the lower dimensions, so that I eventually come back to my 3D body in one continual progression.
What I learned here, is that instead of “ascending” by dis-identifying with your physical self, and only identifying with your “higher self”, true ascension comes when you identify with both, simultaneously. It’s not about “overcoming” the ego, but rather learning to fully embrace it, and see the beauty in being out of alignment just as much as you are in-alignment.
Be present as your Higher Self, and your physical self, simultaneously. This is true enlightenment.
Source CHOSE to become YOU. You are the highest level of ascension just as you are right now!

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