Who is Lucifer (part 2)

In regard to my previous post on Lucifer, today I meditated on a painting, “Fall of Lucifer” by Robert Venosa, and while doing so I received another insight. While meditating, I was led to use the Heart chakra mudra on my left hand (thumb + ring finger), and the Solar Plexus/I AM mudra on my […]

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Who is Lucifer (part 1)

‎Lucifer is the catalyst between “separation” and unity consciousness. The name “Lucifer” is Latin for “light bearer”. Lucifer is simply the understanding of “contrast” as a means of universal expansion. Consider this – The life we are experiencing right now, is comparable to sitting in a dark room watching a movie. As long as the […]

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Merging with Crystals

Want a better connection with your crystals? Merge with them! By allowing your consciousness to merge with that of your crystals, you enable yourself to embody their particular energetic vibration in a much more powerful way than just wearing the stone. When you wear a crystal, keep it in your pocket, and especially if you […]

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Astral adventure to the star Vega. I was just thinking about Vega, which is a star in the Lyran and since I’ve never been there in my adventures I decided to go there today via astral travel. I started by just spending a moment in meditation, focusing on my breathing. When I was ready, I […]

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Emotional Processing

Every morning I start the day with a moment of Emotional Processing. (This is also called shadow work, or inner child work) I start by acknowledging something that I’m thankful for. I then ask myself, “How does this feel, emotionally?” I then take a moment to sit in the emotion, and fully allow myself to […]

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Don’t settle for someone who is out of alignment just because you have a hard time finding someone else who is IN alignment. It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Have faith. There is someone out there for you, and when you meet them and see how […]

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If you use crystals or gemstones in your spiritual practice, it’s important to switch them out regularly so you are able to bring in new energy. Using the same crystals repeatedly, is like eating the same food over and over without trying anything new. We were made to have VARIETY in our diets, so we […]

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You are the “highest level” of Source, right here, right now. Usually when I meditate I like to go “up” to the higher levels. I “zoom out” and focus on my soul stream. I “zoom out” even more and focus on this universe, as well as other universes. I “zoom out” as far as I […]

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