Who is Lucifer (part 2)

In regard to my previous post on Lucifer, today I meditated on a painting, “Fall of Lucifer” by Robert Venosa, and while doing so I received another insight.


While meditating, I was led to use the Heart chakra mudra on my left hand (thumb + ring finger), and the Solar Plexus/I AM mudra on my right (thumb + middle finger).

With my eyes closed, I was shown in a vision a memory from my childhood.
One day while I was at school in 5th grade, I saw a girl sitting quietly with a bumble bee on her face. She was just sitting there when a bee landed on her, so she continued sitting very peacefully, with her eyes closed, as this bee walked across her face and eventually flew away. I watched as several people gathered around to look on in amazement.

While being shown this memory, I just imagined what it would be like if a random kid just came up to this girl and SMACKED her in the face in order to kill this bumble bee.

This is what Lucifer-mindset is – I do what I want, simply because I can.

This is much different than “God/unity consciousness” and “Satan/separate consciousness” and here’s why.
God/Unity consciousness is to be “One”. It is to love your neighbor as yourself, so to speak, because you see all beings as an aspect of yourself, which prompts you to love everyone equally.
Satan/separate consciousness is to see yourself as the highest priority in your life. It is to serve yourself first, with no regard for how other people feel because they are separate from you.

Lucifer-mindset, when looked at literally, seems very similar to Satan/separation, but the key difference is that Lucifer-mindset is more along the lines of – because I CAN.
It is to say, I’m choosing to do whatever action is available here, not because I see myself as separate and thus a higher priority than others, but rather, I see this as a fun experience and I just want to see what will happen.
It is actually the lack of attachment to good and bad.

This goes beyond the duality of choosing between Unity vs Separation consciousness, because in Lucifer-mindset you view the experience as just an experience. It has no meaning, and you are choosing to experience it simply because you can.

I find this very interesting because in the past, I always thought of Lucifer-mindset as being able to distinguish between “light” and “dark”, because “Lucifer” is the dividing line between the two.
Now though, I see Lucifer-mindset as actually REMOVING the line, so there IS NO “light vs dark”. Everything is just an experience, and has no inherent meaning.

You only assign meaning to the experience because of the social conditioning which has taught you certain actions are acceptable, while others are not acceptable, but from universal perspective this is not true. The values we’ve developed to benefit our culture do no necessarily reflect universal truth. We only behave a certain way because it benefits US as humans.
The experience itself does not inherently have a meaning until you assign it one.
To smack someone in the face in order to kill a bee is only considered “bad” when you attach a meaning to that experience. From objective universal perspective, nothing has meaning. Everything is just an experience.

Lucifer-mindset is to step back, and unattach yourself from the meaning of that experience, so that each experience is nothing more than an experience.
It is the transcendence of “light vs dark”, “good vs bad” duality opposites.

Interestingly enough, as this is the second time I’ve received insight on “who is Lucifer” I can see very well that this understanding could actually be considered the opposite side of the coin, to the previous definition I’d experienced.

In the past, I’d learned that Lucifer is the actual dividing line that allows you to differentiate between light and dark. It is the ability to distinguish between good and evil (eg the fruit of knowledge of good and evil in the garden of eden).

Now I am seeing though, that Lucifer-mindset is ALSO the transcendence of those opposites.
This plays out in the same way that Universal self-actualization does – in order to know something, you must also know the contrast of that thing.
In order to know Lucifer-mindset as being the differentiation between light and dark, you must also know Lucifer-mindset as the TRANSCENDENCE of light and dark.
It is to simply see every moment of life as an experience, with no attachment to whether the experience is “good” or “bad”.
It is just an experience. This is Lucifer.


Who is Lucifer (part 1)

‎Lucifer is the catalyst between “separation” and unity consciousness.

The name “Lucifer” is Latin for “light bearer”.
Lucifer is simply the understanding of “contrast” as a means of universal expansion.

Consider this – The life we are experiencing right now, is comparable to sitting in a dark room watching a movie. As long as the lights are turned off, you become so focused on the movie it starts to seem real. It feels like you’re INSIDE the movie, and you forget you’re just sitting in a theater.
That’s how it’s supposed to be. The movie becomes more fun when you feel the emotion, and it seems like it’s YOU experiencing everything you’re seeing on screen.
If someone were to turn the light on, you’d be upset because you’re suddenly reminded that the movie isn’t real, and you’re just sitting in a theater.

This is how LIFE is for most people. They choose to come into the 3rd dimension, and intentionally forget that there are higher dimensions. To become “enlightened” is to simply turn the light on in the theater, so to speak, and become aware that there is a life outside of the life you’re experiencing now.

To say that Lucifer is “evil” is to say that enlightenment is bad. It’s the concept that it’s better to remain ignorant, and stay unaware of the theater you’re sitting in while watching the movie.

Lucifer and Satan are actually not the same person.
If “Source/God” is the total embodiment of unity consciousness, then what I call “Satan” would be the total embodiment of “separation”.

The way universal expansion works, is that in order to understand what “white” is, there needs to be a contrast to white, so there must be “black”. If everything was “white” you wouldn’t know that “white” exists. There has to be a contrast. The only way you can say “this is white” is because you’ve experienced something else that is not white.

In the same way, in order for Source to understand unity consciousness, there also has to be “separation.”
We are currently living in a dimension where we experience this separation. In the “higher” dimensions there is an increasing awareness of unity, and in the “lower” dimensions there is an increasing awareness of separation.
If “Source/God” is at the “highest” dimension, and represents total unity, then “Satan” is at the “lowest” dimension, and represents total separation.

So when you look at it with this understanding of duality – light/dark, unity/separation, etc, “Lucifer” is the dividing line which allows the two sides of duality to understand each other.
Lucifer is the light bearer. He’s not a “person”, but rather, the mechanism in which Source/God comes to know itself by way of contrast.
This is how the universe is self-actualizing.

If God is “good” and Satan is “bad”, then “Lucifer” is the understanding of good and bad.

Merging with Crystals

Want a better connection with your crystals?
Merge with them!
By allowing your consciousness to merge with that of your crystals, you enable yourself to embody their particular energetic vibration in a much more powerful way than just wearing the stone.
When you wear a crystal, keep it in your pocket, and especially if you hold them during meditation, you will notice an increase in synchronicities relating to the characteristics of that particular stone.
To take this to a much deeper level, there is actually a way to merge the consciousness of a crystal with your own consciousness. Doing this makes it so that instead of just “channeling” messages from the stone, or using it as a “tool” to receive more spiritual insights, YOU yourself become the manifester of these things because you have actually BECOME the energy that the stone carries.
It’s like the difference between carrying a GPS device in your pocket, and allowing your mind to BECOME GPS capable, within itself.
The way that you do this, is first you must astral travel.
While holding your crystal, meditate until you are in a relaxed state, and then use your mind to detach yourself from your physical body.
Once you are out of body, go to any safe space you’d like.
When I first started doing this, I would always go to the Pleiades, but you can go where ever you want, or even create your own safe space.
Once there, take a moment to settle into the environment, relaxing your mind and just observing everything around you.
When you are ready, ask the consciousness of the crystal you are holding to come forward.
Here you will meet the persona of your particular crystal face to face, and you’ll get a sense of what type of energy they carry.
Ask them whatever questions you’d like, and allow them to teach you, just like speaking to a living text-book.
When you are ready to merge with their consciousness, ask them to come into you and merge themselves with your consciousness.
I usually visualize this like they are “melting” into me, and we become one being.
After the merger, you may continue to ask questions and learn from your crystal, but it may now begin to feel like your own inner voice is answering the questions, instead of a voice external to you, like a spirit guide.
What’s even more great about this process, is that after you embody the consciousness of your crystals, it’s like you ARE that energy all the time. Instead of having to “receive” a message from the crystal, you may notice that you’ll now begin to manifest real-world scenarios where your experience itself IS the lesson you learn, rather than your insights coming from channeled messages or “thoughts” which you have to interpret.
This really is the next level when it comes to using crystals and gemstones, because merging with the crystal itself rather than just wearing it, is like comparing reading a textbook to actually having the type of first hand experience that allows YOU to write your own textbook instead of having to read one already written.
Try it for yourself and see how your experience goes.
I learned this from a Lemurian Seed Crystal, but after utilizing this technique I learned that you can use it with any crystal or gemstone.
Astral adventure to the star Vega.
I was just thinking about Vega, which is a star in the Lyran and since I’ve never been there in my adventures I decided to go there today via astral travel.
I started by just spending a moment in meditation, focusing on my breathing. When I was ready, I simply used my imagination to view my spirit floating out of my body.
I flew into the atmosphere, all the way off the planet, and into outer space.
I took a moment to get my bearings straight, so I just sort of lingered for a moment, looking at the Earth, Sun and Moon, and other nearby objects.
I wasn’t sure exactly where the Lyran system is, so I just sort of floated my way out to view the entire Galaxy, and let my intuition point me in the right direction.
At first I started looking toward the Pleiades as a reference point in relation to the Earth, because I was thinking of our Galaxy as a flat disk, where I can map out the road to different star systems.
In reality though, the stars in our Galaxy are in more of a donut shape. There may be a collection of stars and planets forming a disk-like shape due to gravity, but there is still a large number of objects outside of this disk, and to my surprise the Lyran system is actually “above” the Earth solar system, and not just a two dimensional spot on the “disk” of our Galaxy.
I made my way toward Lyra, and as I approached the system I felt my intuition say there are 12 stars. Vega is the “main” one, and the others are in gravitational lock with it.
As I stopped for a moment and just watched the stars here, I saw that they’re all in a gravitation “dance” with the main one. Vega actually draws in the other stars with its gravity, and after they orbit for a bit, they get flung off and orbit more slowly from a distance away. Each star is continually drawn in, spun around in orbit with Vega, and then flung out like a gravitational dance.
I actually felt like it was similar to a Daddy-daughter dance, where the father is dancing with each of his daughters one at a time, until they are flung out in orbit and the next one is drawn in.
As I flew closer and closer, I was also drawn in by the stars gravity, and I even found myself dancing with Vega.
I was drawn in, in a spiraling vortex-like motion, and then flung out after orbiting for a bit, which caused me to twirl around like a ballerina.
Vega continued doing this with each star, as the gravity continually drew us in for another dance, and then flung us out in a ballerina-like twirling motion.
Eventually, I decided to fly directly INTO the star, letting myself fully embrace its energy.
When I did this, I felt like Vega was doing energy work on me. I could feel it balancing certain aspects of my psyche.
I saw it like a stream of electricity flowing through different parts of my body, which brought me into a more cohesive, in-alignment state of being.
I literally saw it like it was bringing order and organization to different aspects of my life.
When the process was over, I went back to my body on Earth and took a moment to integrate what just happened. It was actually so powerful I feel like there are certain parts of this process that I can’t even remember right now, but overall I feel like I got exactly what I needed, and the star Vega has a very powerful energy of coherence and organization.

Emotional Processing

Every morning I start the day with a moment of Emotional Processing. (This is also called shadow work, or inner child work)
I start by acknowledging something that I’m thankful for.
I then ask myself, “How does this feel, emotionally?”
I then take a moment to sit in the emotion, and fully allow myself to FEEL it.
Next, I ask myself, “How does this emotion feel, as a physical sensation in my body?” For example, “joy” may feel like an expansive “full” feeling around my solar plexus, or “peace” may feel like settling in, or release of tension in my eye sockets. Pay attention to how your body physically interprets the emotion you’re feeling
I spend a few moments here allowing myself to fully embrace how I feel.
Next, I ask myself, “When was the first time I felt this way?”
In my mind, my intuition will show me a memory from my childhood, which corresponds to the exact same feeling signature that I’m experiencing right now.
I take a moment to embrace the feeling, and thank my child-self for showing me this.
Next, I basically go through this entire process again, but this time I start by focusing on something that I dislike.
This time though, when I get to the part where I trace the emotional feeling back to my childhood, I take it even further by asking myself, “How is this benefiting me?”
Learning to release resistance and find the positive meaning behind our negative emotion is a vital part of becoming “conscious”.
After going through this process, I then tell myself, “Despite the positive [breathe in the emotion], and despite the negative [breathe in the emotion], I am Divinity right here, right now. Everything is in perfect Divine order, and I am exactly where I need to be. Thank you.”
Doing this every morning REALLY starts my day off on the right foot.

Don’t settle for someone who is out of alignment just because you have a hard time finding someone else who is IN alignment.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

Have faith. There is someone out there for you, and when you meet them and see how great a match you are for each other, it will all make sense why you were never a match to anyone else.

You are divine and uniquely made. What you’re going through now is simply the preparation for the amazing things in store for you.
You’ve got this. I believe in you.


If you use crystals or gemstones in your spiritual practice, it’s important to switch them out regularly so you are able to bring in new energy.
Using the same crystals repeatedly, is like eating the same food over and over without trying anything new. We were made to have VARIETY in our diets, so we have the opportunity to take in a wide range of nutrients.
Likewise, as your energetic body evolves and progresses in spiritual growth, it also needs variety and NEW energy in order to continue in your expansion.
This is why when you first receive a crystal that is new to you, it may seem like it has a greater effect on your energy, and you are able to experience new insights during meditation.
After having the same crystal for a few months though, the “new toy jitters” seem to wear off, and the crystal that you used to be super excited about and couldn’t wait to try, now seems to be sitting in your pocket, or left in your bedroom, because it doesn’t seem as exciting as when you first received it.
This happens because after you’ve used the crystal for long enough, your energetic vibration has entrained closely enough with that of the crystal, so now there isn’t as much of a need to use it, because you’ve already gained what you needed from it. It’s just like craving a food because your body is in need of the nutrients it carries, and after you’ve had your fill you don’t crave it anymore.
Once you’ve learned what you need to learn, or gained the experience you wanted in your spiritual progression, try bringing in new crystals, and share your old ones with your friends.
Release what no longer serves you, and invite a fresh new perspective into your life. This is how you continue to grow and learn. Bring in new energy, and try new things that you’ve never experienced before.