It’s always difficult to enjoy a movie when you have an overactive mind, haha

I went to the movies tonight, and I’ve noticed this happens a lot – it feels like I’m watching myself, watch the movie. It seems like I dis-identify from my emotions so much that every time a thought comes to mind, I analyze myself judging the thought.

I don’t know if this means I’m super “conscious” in a good way or a bad way, but after a while I started to get really annoyed and wondered what is it like to be “normal” and not process your thoughts.
Eventually I told my mind to STFU, and then I realized several of the thoughts I’m feeling are actually other people’s emotions that I’m processing FOR THEM! AHHHH the struggle is real when you’re an empath!

Also, something else really caught my attention.
I kept getting a sense that there are entities in the astral realm, which are sort of like energetic mosquitoes, and these entities will FEED off of your energy when you experience a strong emotion. Your emotions are like nourishment that they feast off of, much like a mosquito who wants to drink your blood, so these entities THRIVE in movie theaters where people are experiencing a wide range of emotions.

I thought it was a little funny though, because every time a thought came into my mind that would normally cause an emotional reaction, I was already experiencing being the “observer self” and detaching from the emotion, so it seemed like the mosquito entities weren’t able to feed off of my energy.
Every time a thought would arise, I would instantly detach my consciousness from it, and I kept feeling these entities back off right when they were about to feast on my emotional energy.
Haha, I just thought it was funny because I could feel that they knew they wouldn’t be able to get any of my energy, and they even knew that I was aware of them.




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