Celebrate who you are

The key to being in-alignment and discovering your own divinity, is to CELEBRATE who you are.

I discovered this today while at a Hare Krishna temple.
I’ve had a few encounters with Krishna (the Hindu deity) before, and the main thing he always tells me is – “I am you.”

His most prominent message is to show you the oneness of all beings.

During worship at this temple, everyone chants “Hare Hare Krishna”, and while doing this I saw in a vision that Krishna was actually reflecting this praise back to me! – “Yay Andre! Yay Andre!”
Lol, it was so amazing!

He showed me that in celebrating him, I am ultimately celebrating myself, because we are all one.
In doing this, the highest praise you can give is to celebrate yourself, which is as simple as chanting your own name!

It was ridiculous, but he kept showing me the entire universe celebrating me, which is ultimately me, celebrating every aspect of myself.
There’s really no way to put into words how powerful this is, but I encourage you to experience it for yourself by chanting your own name as your new mantra.
You’ll be amazed at how much you fall in love with yourself, as well as everything around you!


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