A quick and easy way to ground yourself, is to focus on your root chakra, while simultaneously going out of body and merging your consciousness with that of the Earth.
After doing so, you can take this even further and merge your consciousness with that of the black hole at the center of our Galaxy. Doing so will bring about an energetic shift, much like a sponge or wash cloth being rung out by the energy of the black hole.
I did this today while using Cinnamon essential oil (yummy!) and it was really powerful!
Focusing on your Merkaba is a quick and easy way to connect with your Higher Self.
Doing this is the same as focusing on Metatron’s Cube, which is a pattern that contains all forms of creation.
Concentrating on this brings your awareness to the creator, which is your Higher Self.
You can even use this as a shortcut to access any etheric layer you desire.
Last night was REALLY good!
I was led intuitively to spend the night of the full moon reflecting on memories of my past, and it turned into a very peaceful meditation.
I have about 10 or so crystals right now, so I laid them all out in front of me, and held each of them one at a time, asking them to bring up any memories they want to show me.
As I relaxed into meditation, tons of old memories just started popping up, and it was sort of felt like I was watching a movie of my childhood.
What’s interesting though, is that for several of us, “childhood memories” is a bit of a touchy subject because we have so many shadows, and have experienced so much trauma it’s not something we’d think of as a fun thing to process. It’s usually pushed into the category of “shadow work”, as if it’s something painful we need to heal and get rid of.
Even though I do feel that way sometimes, during this moment all the memories that came up didn’t have that bitter feeling attached to it. Even some of the “bad” memories, can now be seen just like watching a movie, where it’s just an experience that doesn’t hold any attachment of good or bad, and I can actually laugh at some of the things that were really painful while I was going through it.
There were even certain moments throughout this process where I was enjoying the memory so much I wanted to keep watching it forever, but the crystals kept telling me to move on to the next one, haha.
I’ve heard this is something many indigenous culture do during a full moon. They spend this time reflecting on memories they’ve had throughout this cycle, and they turn it into a ceremony of honoring the past, and letting go of what no longer serves them.
This was such an enjoyable process for me that now I’m REALLY eager to do this every time there’s a full moon! It’s really powerful to spend some time just processing your old memories. This doesn’t even have to be done like “shadow work” though. All you literally have to do is think about, and watch your memories, like a movie playing in your mind.
After doing this process I feel like now I have a greater sense of honoring the past, and reflecting on where I’ve been.
It seems like all throughout my life, and especially during the past few years as I’ve been progressing more in spirituality, I’ve become much more deeply focused on progressing, and always moving forward. I spend so much time trying to achieve something, or unlock the new upgrade, or integrate more shadows, that I never stop and appreciate who I am because of where I’m been. Taking a moment to honor the past could be considered in itself an important step in moving forward.
One thing I learned during this process, that actually took me by surprise, is that there actually isn’t a “present moment”.
Haha, this pretty much goes against everything that every spiritual teacher has ever taught, because most people will say there is NOTHING except for the present moment, but what I learned intuitively here is exactly the opposite.
In that case, I’ll go ahead and say this is one of those “contradictory compliments”, similar to the concept that “expansion” and “stillness” are two sides of the same coin.
The reason there is no present moment is because when you think about it, all you have is the past (what you’ve done) and the future (what you’re going to do). We spend every moment of our life doing something because of these two. The “present moment” is a state of void.
It’s where you are now, but it’s always based on where you’ve been, and where you’re going.
So as I was feeling this, I was led intuitively to say:
Thank you for what I’ve done
Thank you for what I’m going to do
Thank you for who I AM.
What you’ve done, and what you’re going to do, pretty much define your unique identity, but coming into the present moment where there is no longer attachment to either, is actually a space of complete void.

It’s always difficult to enjoy a movie when you have an overactive mind, haha

I went to the movies tonight, and I’ve noticed this happens a lot – it feels like I’m watching myself, watch the movie. It seems like I dis-identify from my emotions so much that every time a thought comes to mind, I analyze myself judging the thought.

I don’t know if this means I’m super “conscious” in a good way or a bad way, but after a while I started to get really annoyed and wondered what is it like to be “normal” and not process your thoughts.
Eventually I told my mind to STFU, and then I realized several of the thoughts I’m feeling are actually other people’s emotions that I’m processing FOR THEM! AHHHH the struggle is real when you’re an empath!

Also, something else really caught my attention.
I kept getting a sense that there are entities in the astral realm, which are sort of like energetic mosquitoes, and these entities will FEED off of your energy when you experience a strong emotion. Your emotions are like nourishment that they feast off of, much like a mosquito who wants to drink your blood, so these entities THRIVE in movie theaters where people are experiencing a wide range of emotions.

I thought it was a little funny though, because every time a thought came into my mind that would normally cause an emotional reaction, I was already experiencing being the “observer self” and detaching from the emotion, so it seemed like the mosquito entities weren’t able to feed off of my energy.
Every time a thought would arise, I would instantly detach my consciousness from it, and I kept feeling these entities back off right when they were about to feast on my emotional energy.
Haha, I just thought it was funny because I could feel that they knew they wouldn’t be able to get any of my energy, and they even knew that I was aware of them.



If you’ve been trying to astral travel and need a bit of help getting out of body, you HAVE to get Azurite!
I usually focus on one particular chakra depending on the day of the week, and I also use a particular crystal that resonates with each chakra.
Yesterday I used Azurite, so I went to sleep with it under my pillow, and when I woke up this morning I had the most amazing experience ever!
The moment I woke up, I felt my Azurite stone tell me telepathically to go into meditation, because there is a portal open for me right now.
I took the stone from out of my pillow case, and went into meditation with it resting on my third eye.
For some reason, even though I occasionally see glimpses of higher realities, and other universes during meditation, I haven’t felt drawn very strongly to go there.
I keep telling myself that I’d like to spend more time exploring the higher dimensions, and sort of “map out” the other universes and realities, but doing so has always been this fleeting idea of something that I plan to do, but never actually make time for.
In some ways, I even feel like my energetic vibration isn’t high enough for my consciousness to stay focused in the higher dimensions very long, so usually when I have those experiences they come as flashes of insight that only last for a brief moment.
I even feel like when you’re not a vibrational match to experience something, you simply won’t have the desire to pursue it, so for the past several months even when I intentionally try to astral travel to explore the other universes and higher dimensions, I’ve only been able to go so far because my energetic vibration isn’t high enough to sustain those levels for very long.
Using Azurite to enhance my out of body experiences though, seems to give a MASSIVE boost on my ability to go even further out of body!
As I was traveling, I was led to go to other realities, other universes, and even explore other timeline possibilities within this universe.
While doing so, I saw what looked like spider web, or some sort of energetic trail, leaving a connection between every “realm” I’d been to. During astral travel, you’ll notice an energetic chord, which some call the silver chord, connecting your crown chakra back to your physical body. As I saw this chord forming these energetic connections in the higher realms, I felt like I was also forming physical connections with the neurological pathways in my brain. I even felt like once this connection is made, it’s there forever. You may have a brief glimpse of something in a higher realm, but because of the energetic chord that is formed leading back to everything you’ve experienced, you can always retrace your steps and go back there again whenever you like.
What’s even more profound about all of this, is that once you become aware of any particular realm, that realm can become as real to you as this one, which means you can experiences multiple lifetimes simultaneously! 😂
I’ve actually already experienced this on a few brief occasions, but it only lasted a short moment. I would just get a glimpse of myself in a parallel timeline, and I’d see how my life there is different compared to here.
Now though, I feel like I’m able to go MUCH deeper into this, and it lasts much longer than just a brief second.
Anyways, I just wanted to share this experience with you all and let you know that Azurite is THE stone to use if you’re looking to get more into astral travel. It stimulates the third eye very strongly, and it will take your out of body experiences to a whole new level ^_^


I’m starting to get back into my weight lifting routine, and today while doing sets of squats, my Kundalini energy actually spoke to me, and helped me process the energy that was flowing through my body.
It happened while I was breathing heavy after one of the sets.
In my mind I could see my energy swirling around in my body, and I very distinctly sensed my Kundalini, like a flaming presence of consciousness at the base of my spine.
I was led to focus on the energy swirling through my body, and bring it directly to my legs.
After doing so, I just let it do its work, and it seemed to make me more aware of FEELING my body.
This also helped me realize that Kundalini is more than just one type of energy. It’s ALL of life force energy in everything that exists.
It is conscious presence.